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How many of you here reading this strive to lose or maintain their weight? With the age bracket that I belong, I am in that stage where my metabolism has started to slow down thus affecting my kind of ideal weight. Girls, let's face it, majority of us have been struggling with weight maintenance because of different factors. Each of us have our own reasons...

Believe me I have tried everything in this universe just to shed off some pounds but no matter what I do, anjan lang sya pabalik balik because I am not consistent with what I do to maintain it. Do you remember what I told you previously about consistency being the key? May it be for your face or for our body, the solution is consistency.

I know, I know, dapat I would be able to apply what I preach, but you can't blame me, there are sooooo many factors why I am not being consistent when it comes to having that ideal weight. If you guys only knew, it's really a struggle. I surely know that for us to achieve and maintain an ideal weight or shed off some pounds, we also have to work for it — walang magic jan alam natin yan. Come to think of it, minsan nakakasawa na diba? I actually even came to a point that sana I have this magic "genie" na lang so that I could just make a wish to be slim again in 1 snap. Super wishful thinking lang diba? Pero what if I tell you there's one superfood that I discovered ~ it's not an instant slim in one snap but it would help you detox within 10 days? Impossible pa din ba? You may say it's too good to be true but guys its only the truth and nothing else but the truth. :)

Remember when I told you in my previous blog that I graced (together with a number of bloggers) in one of the events of UNO and had this special privilege to road test some of their healthy beverage? If you missed that you may read my blog entry here to give you an idea on what I am talking about. Apart from the healthy beverages, another product that I was able to try is Uno Premier 's Nutrifab. Actually, I have been seeing this one in social media being promoted and testified by a number of people and heard some positive effects when it comes to losing weight. Out of excitement, my heart skipped a bit when I saw that there's Nutrifab in my loot. Excited talaga ako to try this one matagal na, and guys, I think ito na yung moment na matagal ko ng pinakahihintay. haha! Because of this, I am just as happy to share to you my experience. :) 

Before anything else, Ano nga ba si Nutrifab

1 pack or sachet of NUTRIFAB is an ORGANIC PRODUCT, made up of PURE Garcinia Cambogia (Dried Fruit, with SEED), Probiotics, PuEr Tea and a fat burner. 

I'm pretty sure you have heard a lot of beneficial effects of Garcinia Cambodia to our health and Nutrifab has it!


The newest and most effective Fat buster on the market that lets you burn fat without extra diet or exercise.

✔ Excellent Metabolism Booster 
✔ Prevents Fat Storage 
✔ Lowers blood Pressure and Cholesterol
✔ Powerful Appetite Suppressant
✔ Improves Digestion
✔ Improves Mental Alertness
✔ Enhances Energy Level
✔ Cures Gastric Issues
✔ Reduces Stomach Acidity
✔ Improves Serotonin Levels
✔ Positive Stimulant for the Brain
✔ Colon Cleanser 
✔ Detoxifier


Nutrifab Box of 10's - Php 1,500.
Nutrifab Gift Box of 30's - Php 5,000

If you like or interested in Nutrifab, you may get more information at their website at

Nutrifab Gift Box of 30's - Php 5,000


I started taking it once a day towards the end of November and has consistently taken it for 10 consecutive days as I partake in what they call the 10-day challenge. And Viola, the news that I have been wanting to hear was achieved!!! I have been receiving compliments that I slimmed down na daw. This is no bola-bola coz the ones who told me about the nakaka-kilig na compliments are from people who have not seen me for almost a year, (yes guysh, these are the people from the retail/bazaar industry who I only see every December) so meaning, legit ang pagka-payat ko.. hahaha! Totoo sya guys, and I got super kilig with that. 

How did I do it?
I just ate one of these a day, 30 minutes before dinner with at least 2 glasses of lukewarm water. The pickled plum worked as an aid in helping my system in digestion and detoxification. Since I took it prior to dinner, my experience was I was already in the bathroom in the morning before breakfast. You know that feeling na parang ang linis -linis? Yup, that's it, that's how I felt. No stomach cramps, no growling or whatever way you call it. After taking the plum I felt the effect right away during the first day. I didn't feel bloated, so yeah, another one of its positive effects is a flatter tummy. Ang saya lang diba. 

So if you would ask me, does it really work?
Yes, and yes and yes! It's really a proven natural pickled plum infused with that special weight -loss formula that delivers results.

Since my schedule is pretty crazy lately, I just finished the 10-day challenge. Tinapos ko lang talaga sya so that I could document it already and share my experience to you na. As of the moment, I stopped eating it muna and would just continue to take it after my crazy-bazaar schedule which would end on December 22. So bibitinin ko na kayo muna for now. But I promise you guys that I would update this blog entry with an actual transformation photo para mas intense ang datingan ng review about this product diba. So abangan nyo ha... haha! 

I'll keep you posted again soon, pinky swear!

You can give it a try if you guys are looking for a product that will help you shed the pounds and give you a full body detoxification experience while increasing your natural metabolic levels. It is a safe, fast and effective way to shed excess weight, trust me. But guys, here I am again telling you, one product would only be effective if you will follow consistency. That's the magic word. CONSISTENCY is the key. 

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