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Last week I posted on IG and FB about the product that I use to maintain a no make-up natural finish look. So for everyone of you asking, it is the Aqua White BB Cream from Blushing Beauty. It is made with a hydrating burst formula thus its keeps me look fresh the whole day.

With the kind of weather that we have, I'm sure, just like me, you do not want that heavy- makapal "like bellas-parang-laging-a-attend-ng-party" coverage. haha! For just an everyday make-up, all I want is the one which has a lightweight texture but would cover all the chismis on my face. :)

Ikaw ba? I'm pretty sure, you'd also like the same and with that, I'm sharing it to all of you para lahat na tayo eh ma-achieve ang no-make up look na yan. 

Yung parang wala lang pero meron. 

Magulo ba?? haha! 

Basta, eto na sya. 

The Aqua White BB Cream from Blushing Beauty

I was so  impressed by this BB cream being the first of its kind to have water-burst formula. 

Will you also be amazed as I did? 

I'm sure you do! 

Check-out its packaging. 

It's packaged in a very nice looking glass pump bottle which are similar with the branded imported and expensive ones.

Complete description, benefits, directions on how to use, the ingredients, and the manufacturer information and the time stamp when it was manufactured and expiry are all present.  

All the necessary informations are both printed in the bottle and in the box. (mine was faded, nagasgas na inside my bag) 

Aqua BB cream has 3-in-1 benefits:
- Whitening ~ helps to even out skin discolorations
- Moisturizing ~ without the drying effect 
- Coverage ~ which helps hide skin imperfections

Ayan! As you see, that's my bagong gising - bagong ligo - bagong hilamos face full of "chismis" hahaha!

It comes in beige shade, just perfect for Filipina skin tones creating a bright, natural-looking finish.

You don't need much of the product to build the right coverage.

At first, since it has a lightweight texture~ I thought it will not be great when in comes to coverage.

But its ultra- hydrating formula and watery texture can easily be blended ~ It is what sets this BB cream apart from the others. 

Tadaaaa!  It lightens and covers my skin imperfections well.  
It minimised the appearance of pores, dark spots & freckles plus it brighten-up my skin.
Since it it's formulated with a natural beige shade, it creates a natural-looking finish which is just right for Filipina skin tone. 

Guys, ito na yun. Yung parang wala pero meron!! hehe.
It's so light on the face that it feels like I don't have anything on my skin. 
Oh and I love the natural -fresh -light scent. Nothing heavy- too sweet - amoy matanda smell! I'm sure you know na what I mean. (wink,wink!)

What I like:
- It has the hydrating burst formula and all the other benefits of any other BB cream.
- Good coverage.
- Can easily be blended.
- It can make you achieve the natural no make-up look finish.
- No need to worry that you'd be extra oily because it is water-based.
- The product itself is matipid cause you don't need much of the product to build the right coverage.

What I don't like:
I just wish that they have included SPF in the formulation. A perfect 10 will be my rating for this product if and when they will relaunch and re-formulate it in the future. But needless to say, I love and love this product.

Need I say more?  My photos says it all. The Php 1,250.00 (cost of product) is super sulit with all the benefits that you get. And again, since it doesn't require much of a product when applied, it is "tipid" to use so the 40ml size will go a long way of consumption. :)

Aqua White BB Cream Hydrating Water-Burst Formula
Cost: PHP 1,250(approx: USD28)
Shade: Natural Beige
Net wt: 40ml

Should you guys like to use and buy this product too, it is available at all all Blushing Beauty by Skin Station and at  Skin Station Branches nationwide. :)



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