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The summer is here and the heat is already on its peak., which means many of us will likely head to the beach or have been to the beach to cool off. If you're not careful, however, you could get more than just sand, sea, and sun. 

Protect your skin against the sweltering heat this summer by being prepared and informed. Start by getting to know and avoiding these all too common summer skincare mistakes.

Neglecting Proper use of Sunscreen 
Use of Sunscreen should be an important part of your summer skincare routine. Many of us do away with it for various reasons. For some, it's expensive, it doesn't feel good on the skin, or it's not practical if you're not planning to stay under the sun for a long time. First off, not all sunscreen lotions are expensive. These may be a bit pricier compared to ordinary lotions, but the purchase is worth it. Many sunscreens on the market are also formulated for quick skin absorption, which does away with the sticky residual feeling. Dermplus sunscreens, for example, provide excellent skin protection from the sun, features a quick absorb formula, and comes in different variants and sizes depending on your need and skin type. One important thing many people don't know is that you can get sunburn even when indoors. UV light can penetrate through glass windows, which means even if you are at home or in the office and you happen to be next to a window, you still are exposed. Make it a habit to use Dermplus to all exposed areas of the body every day, especially this summer. 
Ignoring Dead Skin Cells 
The sun and sand may feel good on your feet, but these can damage the skin. Be sure to exfoliate your skin before hitting the beach. Removing the dead skin cells allow for the growth of new, healthy cells, which makes the skin smoother and feeling softer. Exfoliation also allows the sunblock and other skincare products to be more effective, as it can go deeper into the skin. 

Relying on Clothes Alone for Sun Protection 
Our summer outfits are often light, airy, and colorful. This, however, could mean your skin (even the non-exposed parts) does not get enough protection. The sando, the sun dress, or that light summery polo shirt provide very little protection against the sun. For this, it's best to sunscreen it up all over, and maybe even getting clothes with built-in sun protection. 

Getting Dehydrated 
Dehydration not only causes headaches and extreme thirst, it also causes the skin to dry out. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or non-sugary, non-caffeinated beverages. This balances the body and skin's moisture levels. 

Ignoring that Sunburn
If you really can't stay away from the heat and the sun for a long time, be sure to soothe the skin as soon as possible. The Dermplus Aftersun Hydrating Body Gel is very effective in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation and redness, and preventing peeling. The sooner you deal with the sun damage on the skin, the better. 

Make this summer fun and safe not just for the family or the barkada, but for your skin as well. 

About Dermplus
Dermplus is a quality brand by JLC Miller & Co. Inc. The product line includes different sunscreen variants as well as moisturizing and cooling gels. JLC Miller & Co. Inc. is an ISO-certified company that created for a number of trusted hair and skincare products. Know more about the products by visiting and their official facebook page.


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  1. Great tips, i never leave my house without sunblock and my bottles of water!

  2. It's important to wear sunscreen especially during the Summer. The heat can be a cause of many skin problems and it's better to be safe than sorry. These tips are definitely essential!

  3. I usually come home and sooth myself with aloe gel, I keep it in the fridge. So refreshing.

  4. I never thought sunscreen is important until i visited a dermatologist. She mentioned to me that we should put sunblock to protect our skin. All along, i thought sunblocks are for swimming only. Ihihi.

  5. Great tips, I for the most part stay out of the sun and have for most of my adult life. I look younger than my age, but now that I'm 40, I can see the damage from childhood sunburns appearing on my shoulders :(

  6. Thank you for this information, I have never heard of this brand! I will have to see if it's available where I shop to get it!

  7. Such a great tips and information. Thanks! That would be helpful for sure.

  8. I always drink extra water and make sure to slather on the sunscreen!

  9. Great tips...Have to be careful of what sunscreen chosen the sun can cause great damage on our skin. Never heard of these brand but I recommend doing the research what work for ones skin.

  10. Being of Black descent, I don't ever use sunscreen but I have been hearing noise that we should really be using it too.

  11. I have a sensitive skin already & I always find it hard to manage in summer. These are some wonderful tips & I agree, proper usage of Sunscreen will do wonders. Dermplus sunscreens sounds like a great product to try & I love that we have different options on them.

  12. Great tips for summer activities. Thanks for putting this up. Will share so others can read.

  13. great tips, I think it's best to put sun lotion all over your body before you get dressed, as often the clothes we wear in summer are really thin and the suns rays can easily pass through

  14. Many times people of color (like myself) neglect to use sunscreen but we all need to practice safe skin care during these hot summer months

  15. Yes yes I need to load up on the sunscreen now.
    I've been lapsing!!!
    Great list. Thank you.

  16. Great tips. I try to always put sunscreen on myself when I go outside. Sometimes I am so busy putting it on my kids that I forget about myself.

  17. Agree with everything here. Sunblock really matters. I have learned to use it now that I am 35.

  18. Awesome tips! Sunblock is our bff this season ^ ^
    Thanks to our amazing products who saves us always during summer.