Tuesday, November 11, 2014

STYLE| Fresh and White

A brand new week once again! How are you? All good huh? Yes? YES!

You may have noticed that once in awhile I randomly post inspirational and motivational images in my Instagram posts. 
I am purposely doing it to spread positive outlook to my readers and followers. 
Just recently, I have been getting some instagram direct messages and comments that they really appreciate these inspirational images especially at times when they are feeling low. 
Some are thanking me because they find the words uplifting. I tend to get motivated from my posts too you know...  :) :) 
It’s just that it brings so much joy to my heart receiving such appreciation not just from friends but even from my  followers around the world. 
To some, the simple happiness from being appreciated may just have a little impact but to me it means a lot. Either way, I am absolutely grateful to everyone who appreciates my posts. 
Knowing I have helped uplift them in their darkest moments is my happiness. I know we all need to be uplifted once in awhile and I just love how I may be making someone’s day a bit brighter :)


Speaking about uplifting of one’s day, I find the lace top from VANITYCHICK SHOP so dainty looking that it makes my outfit so clean and neat even if I just paired it with a denim shorts. The lovely top perfectly made me feel feminine and girly while letting me express my usual casual -chic style. This is  the second time that I get to wear a piece from VANITYCHICK SHOP and I love how their pieces made my look different from one another. 

Hair Color | Lucky Princess
Top Vanitychick Shop
Belt | Burberry
Sunglasses| Rayban

Special thanks to the hubz for the photos.
All images copyright to http://www.jaimiefelix.blogspot.com


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